Giving to the building project

You could support the Building Project in one or several ways:

  • Make a one-off transfer of funds electronically.
  • Make a one-off donation by cheque or cash.
  • Pledge a one-off payment(s) at a later date(s).
  • Give regularly.

Please complete one of the yellow giving forms to accompany your gift or pledge, even if you have made an electronic transfer of funds, and give it to Penny Darmody (of the Newland Christian Trust). This will enable us to plan ahead.


Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer and you are eligible to do so, do please ‘Gift Aid’ your donation. This enables us to reclaim 25p of tax for every £1 that you give.


Please contact to discuss the most effective way you can give, or if you plan to give in several different ways.

For most people, we will be able to claim Gift Aid on gifts up to five times the tax thay have paid. However, some people may find, when they add together all their giving in a single tax year, that it is greater than the amount which is eligible for Gift Aid. In these circumstances, they could maximise the amount we can reclaim if they split their giving over more than one tax year. The Trust Treasurer will be able to advise.